Amy Hume

Voice and Dialect Coach

Amy Hume is an internationally-trained voice and dialect coach who helps corporate professionals and actors become inspired communicators, by reconnecting them with the power of their voices.

Currently located in Melbourne, Amy works across Australia and beyond.

“To free the voice is to free the person”

– Kristin Linklater

Work with Amy to find the strength in your voice

About Amy

Amy’s teaching is grounded in extensive training in New York with world-renowned voice teacher, Kristin Linklater.

Upon returning from New York, Amy established a thriving voice coaching business to offer coaching beyond the realm of theatre: to teachers, university professors, lawyers, health practitioners, anyone and everyone using their voice professionally.

Amy helps empower corporate professionals and actors to find the strength in the natural voice.

“The power of the human voice inspires emotions, connections and hopes, but my voice would not have been amplified with such power without Amy’s voice coaching. Amy has guided me to discover the magic of my voice and strengthen my skills as a storyteller for social change.”

Danling Xiao, Founder at Mundane Matters