Voice coaching for professionals

Learn to harness clarity, conviction and confidence

Amy draws on her experience working with actors and performers to help corporate professionals communicate more effectively, with authority and impact.

Although some clients wish to prepare for presentations or speaking events, others wish to improve their clarity and conviction, and ensure confidence and authority is conveyed, particularly in management or teaching roles, and in positions in which crystal clear and accurate communication is vital – including the medical and legal professions.

Amy has worked with staff from:

Support your staff to master their voices and increase their vocal presence, by running a customised voice coaching workshop at your workplace.

Your staff will learn how to speak with presence, and build rapport and trust with an audience. From the highest executive level to up and coming junior stars, Amy’s engaging voice training will have all members of your team speaking fearlessly in no time.

Amy’s professional voice coaching takes several forms to suit all requirements and time constraints; individual training, group training and shorter ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, plus specialist workshops for women.

“Amy’s coaching truly taught me how to present in a powerful and confident manner, using my voice and body language to win over and inspire an audience.”

Tara Mahapatra

Private coaching is not currently available.

Effective vocal presentation is the key to being remembered for all the right reasons, and Amy excels in teaching practical techniques to get you speaking with confidence and clarity.

Amy will assess your vocal habits to help you discover profound insights that will improve your delivery style; teaching you how to become an engaging speaker and articulate your ideas with clarity and ease.

Private voice coaching gives you the benefit of one-on-one attention so you can practice and develop your skills in a friendly, intimate and non-judgemental space.

Amy offers private coaching at her central Elizabeth St, Sydney location for individuals wishing to improve their vocal communication, allowing better connection with audiences and greater credibility.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s sessions especially with her supportive and non-judgemental coaching style. Learning elements of effective communication such as body language, tone, volume and breathing techniques have significantly improved my confidence in effectively communicating with other professionals. It was so valuable to meet Amy and I recommend her especially for individuals who need help with productive speaking.”

Dr Lynn Chi, private client