Vital Voice
by Amy Hume

Voice Programs for Ambitious Professionals

If you’d love to make an impression, have control of your presence, be more engaging and simply have the tools you need to use your voice appropriately in different settings, professional group voice coaching will equip you with the skills and confidence you need.

In her Vital Voice programs Amy draws on her experience working with actors and performers to help professionals communicate more effectively, with authority and impact.

Every ambitious professional wants to have impact and influence. An understanding of your voice and how to use it is vital for social, professional, academic and career growth.” – Amy Hume

Vital Voice programs are suitable for a range of professionals including:

  • Medical practitioners and health professionals
  • Solicitors and barristers
  • University professors, lecturers, teachers and PhD candidates
  • Classroom teachers
  • Broadcasters and journalists
  • Celebrants and MCs
  • Other professionals using their voice in the workplace

Vital Voice programs are delivered in a stimulating, interactive and safe online environment.

Discover upcoming programs below.

Vita Voice Essentials

A 4-session online group program for professionals who want to have greater impact and influence with the voice.

Wednesdays 7pm AEST on 8, 15, 22, 29 June 2022.

60-90 minute sessions held on Zoom with 5-10 people. The sessions are interactive.

Live attendance at the session times is essential. Recordings of the exercises within the sessions (not the student interactions) will be provided for reinforcing learning and if unavoidable conflicts with the session times arise.

Who is this for?

Vital Voice Essentials was designed as an accessible and impactful delivery of Amy’s tried and trusted voice coaching methods, honed over years of coaching professionals across finance, education and health sectors.

If you are a professional who relies on your voice to convey information to others, and you feel you could be better leveraging your voice to influence and impact others, this program is for you.

Program Outline

This program focuses on increasing your familiarity with your voice so that it serves you in moments you need it most.

You will heighten your understanding of how your voice works, discover what shapes vocal behaviour and why some voices come across with power and impact.

You will begin by identifying any voice and speech habits that may be limiting your vocal power or preventing you from being heard with impact. 

Each week Amy will lead the group through a specific topic including activities and ‘homework’ to reinforce the learning between sessions:

Week One: Body

Heighten your understanding of how the voice works and understand the role of physicality to enhance and strengthen your voice.

Week Two: Breath

Discover the connection between breath and voice, and learn effective breathing techniques for taking control of your vocal strength and power.

Week Three: Vibration

Learn how to speak with greater resonance and volume, bringing colour and vibrancy into your voice so that you are an engaging and interesting speaker.

Week Four: Articulation

Explore exercises for enhanced articulation, clear pronunciation and easy flow of speech.


As places are limited, please in the first instance submit this application form to register your interest in attending the program. Amy will be in touch within 1-2 business days to discuss further and confirm your enrolment.

Program Fee

Vital Voice Essentials is a non-refundable one-off payment of $597 (Australian) including GST.


If you have any further questions please email Amy directly.

“Amy’s coaching truly taught me how to present in a powerful and confident manner, using my voice and body language to win over and inspire an audience.”

Tara Mahapatra